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Advantages and disadvantages of digital picture frames

Digital picture frames have entered the market with a bang and are here to stay. One can find a diversified range of digital picture frames in the market both online and otherwise. Capturing photos these days has become damn easier, thanks to the advent of digital cameras which are available in prices of every range. As a result, everyone these days will have thousands of photos. But unfortunately, once these photos are seen and stored in computer hard disks, in the printed form or mobile phones, most of the people forget to look at this elaborate collection of photos due to their day to day schedule.


Photos are a great way to revive old memories. For this reason, in the past people used to invest in photo frames and would hang them throughout the house. But one cannot obviously put all their pictures in these photo frames. Thus they come with limitations. Also it was a costly and time consuming proposition to print each and every photo. But by using EOOKE digital picture frames one can get rid of all such constraints. People no longer print photos these days owing to the huge costs involved in printing and the flexibility of accessing these photos on devices like computers, mobile phones, social media channels etc.


Earlier, in case of wedding ceremonies people used to have a limited amount of photos. But nowadays every member of the family will have his or her own record of the on goings of the ceremony. Thus it results in thousands of pictures. At the end of the day, it becomes impossible to view all the pictures contained in various devices. This is where digital picture frames turn out to be helpful. Some of the pros and cons of using digital photo frames are




  • Digital picture frames enable you to view pictures along with sound effects. Most of the frames these days have built in speakers and MP3 players through which you can play all your favourite songs. This can make seeing pictures enjoyable.

  • You don’t need to flip through the images, or wait for your turn when someone else is going through the album. You can simply put these frames on wall or some table in front of you, choose slide show and enjoy the pictures together with your friends or family members.

  • Digital photo frames are a great gifting option especially for the elderly people who do not like to use smart phones or other gadgets as much as it is enjoyed by people of the younger generation. It is easy to operate as well. These people can relive a lifetime of memories using a digital picture frame

  • Digital picture frames mainly those with wifi connection are very much useful in sharing pictures with loved ones who are thousands of miles away.



  • Digital picture frames have batteries which one has to keep on charging or use a power source. If the device fails to get power, it switches off making it quite annoying.

  • While you can store a lot more pictures in digital format, as compared to photo album, there’s the risk of losing all your data due to some malfunction, not to forget that digitally stored family photographs can get into wrong hands.